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Indeed highlights regional difference in job listings

Indeed report on job listings in the UK complements the latest ONS employment figures...

city at night has released a list showing the regional differences in job listings throughout the UK to support the latest ONS employment figures. The ONS figures show a significant drop in unemployment in the UK, with the figure now just under the two million mark.

However David Rudick, VP Strategy of jobsite Indeed UK, revealed that the statistics also highlight a high regional variation for the closing “jobs gap” across the UK.

The data from Indeed suggests that the findings are reliable, but Rudick believes that it also proves “whilst many parts of the country are now headed in the right direction, others are lagging behind”.

He revealed that cities in the south-east of England, for example Oxford and Southampton, have a much high number of job postings per capita than areas in the North-east such as Sunderland.  

“In Oxford for example there are currently 97 job postings per 1,000 people, compared with only six job postings per 1,000 people in the north-eastern city of Sunderland,”
he explained. Belfast has the worst jobs gap.’s research shows around four unemployed job seekers for each job opening.

David Rudick also highlighted an increase in part time workers, stating how it's interesting 'that part-time workers were shown to have risen from 689,000 (9.4 per cent) to 1.3m (16.5 per cent) since 2008. This trend of job seekers looking for more part-time work is definitely on the rise. A report by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG released earlier this year highlighted that availability for new permanent positions is falling at the fastest rate in 10 years. It’s clear that job seekers are increasingly looking to find roles with the flexibility to fit with their daily lives. Whilst the ONS stats certainly mark an exciting milestone for the UK with unemployment reaching all-time lows, it’s important that employers stay aware of a reverse trend – the struggle to find the right people for the job.”

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Date: 16/10/2014
Author: Matthew Holley
Source: Indeed


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