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Recruiters warned as job boards plan price increases of up to 20%

Job boards plan price hike of up to 20% in 2015...


Recruiters could be faced with increased costs next year. According to research by recruitment marketing firm GKS Associates 95% of job boards are planning above inflation price rises during 2015.

A total of 40 job boards answered the survey, from GKS Associates, and of these 38 were planning the inflation busting rises in 2015,the highest coming in at 20% and the average being 7%.

Principal Consultant and Director of GKS Associates, Robert Woodford, commented: “We’ve seen the shift in most sectors over the last 18 months from a client led to candidate led market, understandably job boards have picked up on that and feel confident that they can put up prices."

“But not only do they think they can put them up, some of the price increases are staggering and something I’ve not seen for a good number of years.  This goes across both generalist and niche boards which is also an interesting development.”

This price increase is indicative of an apparent reliance the industry has on job boards, Woodford believes that organisations should start reconsidering their strategy.

He said: “Two things are important.  Firstly recruitment companies need to really look at their job board strategy and alternative sourcing methods.  There are lots of methods out there to drive candidate attraction and the job board is only part of the solution not the sole answer.

“Secondly we are advising many of our clients to lock-in their rate before Christmas, however it is important that if you are going to do this you ensure your marketing team have the full ROI data to hand for this year to safeguard against over-committing.”

With countless candidates uploading their CV’s to job boards even a 20% increase in price represents a fraction of what recruitment agencies charge. With the majority of vacancies on jobboards being posted by agencies does this highlight their importance in the overall recruitment process or is it a case of recruiters not using alternative ways of sourcing talent?

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Date: 11/12/2014
Author: Matthew Holley
Source: CVWOW


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