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Looking for a new job in 2015?

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YES! It's Massive Monday!

Today has been dubbed ‘Massive Monday’ by job boards due to the huge number of people applying for new jobs.

For the millions of people who returned to work today, the Christmas and the New Year celebrations probably seem like a distant memory.

After a break even the most enthusiastic employee probably shudders slightly at the thought of a return to work, but according to research from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) over a third of UK workers (37%) are planning to leave their current job in 2015.

The ILM believes that its findings show the return of ambition to the UK workforce after years of insecurity.

Of the people looking for new positions, nearly two-thirds (59%) were looking for a better opportunity to progress, more than those looking for a better salary (56%), with a quarter of people planning to make the leap because they feel underappreciated – up almost 10 percentage points on 2014.  Half of people were looking for a more interesting role.

ILM Chief Executive Charles Elvin said that the “improving economy and more fruitful job market” would lead to more people looking for new jobs, warning employers that “it's likely they will have to work harder to keep their talented employees”. 

He added: “All staff want to feel that they are appreciated by their organisation so it’s crucial that companies actively recognise the efforts and talents of their employees. Companies may want to adapt to this new improved climate, by acknowledging where staff have excelled and moulding opportunities for them to advance.”

Are you one of the 37% looking for a new job in 2015?

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Date: 05/01/2015
Author: Matthew Holley
Source: ILM


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