Turning over a brand new leaf

Turning over a brand new leaf...

New CVWOW Logo

"CVWOW Ltd are changing" - That was the key message when asking why the need for a rebrand.

And from a number of sessions discussing customer perception, brand alignment and identity redesign, it became clear that CVWOW were not just changing. They are continually evolving, improving, growing and adapting to the needs of their clients and prospects. And it's because of this growth, that the rebrand is so important as CVWOW have been perceived for some time, as something quite different... So where did we start?

The Three Pillars:

By looking at the core products and services, discussing CVWOW's approach to business and their relationships with clients and suppliers, it became clear that the perception of the company and the visual identity was very different. We sought to first recognise what experiences those who came into contact with the brand received. Many ideas were documented, but the three core principles were:

  • Connection
  • Collaboration
  • Creation

These ideas represent the three pillars behind every relationship a client, prospect, supplier or candidate will have when coming into contact with CVWOW. As a result, these three pillars have also lent themselves quite naturally, to the three main packages on sale in their range of products and services (Connect, Collaborate, Create). So how did we visually represent the new identity?

Vibrant and colourful:

CVWOW Brand Colours

CVWOW's new colour palette has been designed to be sympathetic to their existing identity (to remain recognisable within their field) whilst providing maxium flexibility for the future. The original orange hue has been utilised to show the link to the existing brand and maintain the vibrancy, energy, youth and personable identity of the company. The existing slate remains too to keep consistency with existing branding and reinforce ideas of compromise, depth and responsibility; But to enhance the professionalism and trust in the company a more conservative blue has been employed. Each core colour links directly to the 3 CVWOW pillars - Connect, Collaborate, Create.

But what "type" of business is CVWOW?

CVWOW’s new typography has been implemented to once again reflect the growth, change and adaptability of the company. The use of a minimal and precise font family within the logo is designed to show how cutting edge the company is, utilising modern techniques to achieve client goals. The serif typeface is used to ensure that the original personality of the brand is not forgotten about, demonstrating the warmth and friendliness of the company. And finally, a highly legible typeface has been chosen for all other copy to ensure maximum legibility for readers of CVWOW’s marketing materials, building on client experiences of trust and transparency.



When discussing brand, many individuals perceive that the logo is the brand. This couldn't be further from the truth as the brand represents "the perception and emotional response to a company, its products, services and people". However, the logo is intrisinctly linked to the visual identity as "a core, unique visual element that helps people remember a company". So what's the rationale behind such a logo?

The combination of the values, future aspirations, brand colours and modern typography has been used to craft a logo selected from over 50 ideas researched, sketched, artworked and continually improved upon. The graphic is built on the three pillars of the brand - Connect, Collaborate and Create through the use of the three colours and the triangular shape. In order to represent the development of the company as it changes and grows, the two triangles are offset to show rotation and movement. The logo utilises the modern typeface which is crisp and precise to demonstrate the professionalism of CVWOW as they re-align their identity to the corporate market they operate in. The typography has been purposefully created in upper case to provide crisp lines, which otherwise were not present in the previous "camel case" version.

Bringing it all together:

Aligning with all the new colour, typesetting, values and the stunning new logo is photography and shape. All communication issued by CVWOW in future will benefit from large amounts of white space to enhance the quality and legibility of the content, drawing attention to the focus of the medium. Triangular shapes are employed, building on the three pillars of the brand with precise square/rectangular shapes in a variety of brand colours. Often at times, these shapes have corners cut off or turned over, representing the purging of the old and turning over a new leaf.

Photography has been specifically chosen to show the abstract ideas behind the benefits of working with CVWOW, such as cooperation, trust, transparency, partnership, excellence, growth, imagination, innovation, adaption, confidence, professionalism and inspiration. Black and white photography with high contrast has been employed to provide an air of affluence to the brand, whilst alternative versions with blue and orange filters ensure that the colours of the brand are continually built upon.

Onward and upwards...

We've worked with the staff at CVWOW to create a visual identity rich with colour, movement and impact to complement the ongoing growth and improvement at CVWOW. It has been a challenging and rewarding project to work on and all the more enjoyable getting to know the friendly staff at CVWOW. We’re confident that the new identity aligns much more with the organisation’s future goals and aspirations, helping them acquire and retain future business in a very competitive industry.

This article was written by Peter Garrett, Director at Serenity Digital Ltd

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Peter Garrett
Date: 14/07/2014
Source: Serenity Digital
Author: Peter Garrett

About the author:

Director and Web Architect at Serenity Digital, Peter specialises in user experience design, web design, usability and accessibility across a range of mediums.


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